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Course Contents Include:
- Main Motion
- Amendments
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- Refer to a Committee
- Postpone to a Certain Time
- Lay On The Table
- Previous Question
- Voting Procedures
- Debating Protocols
...And Much More!

Ron Paul - Congressman And Presidential Candidate

"I think Susan Leahy does a terrific job simplifying Robert’s Rules and her course is the best resource I've come across. I think it's a fantastic resource. If you like the program I recommend you purchase access for your group".

Debbi Lester
Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA

"At our last council meeting we were actually way ahead of time because we have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training makes one become, so thank-you!"

Liora Mendeloff - President, Women's Speakers Association

“…Susan is this vibrant being that has this amazing capacity to take something that is a little intimidating and complex and really simplify it…”
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